Before Buying Toys, Please Read

Without a doubt, our world is changing.

In the name of "smart and convenience," we are giving our privacy of life over to governments and agencies as well as all types of companies that want to target us for one reason or another. And as if that wasn't bad enough, there is an all too real danger of other hacking eyes and ears invading our homes and our privacy. Who are these people? Terrorist, child predators? The truth is, anyone with the knowledge to hack into the systems. And we are being inundated with products promising to make us "smarter" all the time.

Now we have the opportunity to help our children to develop with "smarter" technology as well.

I read an article this morning presented on my Firefox browser by Mozilla, which made my heart race just a bit.

Now, who wouldn't want to help their young child develop at the best rate he or she could? And we all want to give our children the latest and best gifts to make them happy and keep those bright smiles shining, but at what cost? Are these "toys" really good for them, are they good for our family, should we even allow them into our home?

Welcome into your home, the My Friend Cayla doll, an interactive toy that engages children in conversation.

Please read the full article here: The Dolls Have Ears, an article posted by M.J.Kelly at Mozilla's Internet Citizen Blog.

Be safe and use common sense.

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Gift Registries

Today I was browsing when I noticed that they had a gift registry.

Am I the only one in the country who didn't know this? I should have known this long ago. What a great idea.

I remember when my daughter was getting married, she registered at three local stores and even with the three, there wasn't a very good selection. But when it comes to Amazon, it has everything you can imagine.

I also see Amazon not only has a Wedding Registry but it also has a Baby Registry as well.

I would much rather shop online and have gifts delivered with no hassle, wouldn't you?

Shop Amazon - Create an Amazon Wedding Registry

Shop Amazon - Create an Amazon Baby Registry

Just a Thought: Why do they call it a pair of pants, but only 1 bra?

Just a Thought: If con is the opposite of pro does that mean Congress is the opposite of progress?

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